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A relentless advocate for 
you and your community.

Representing Ward 22 - Scarborough-Agincourt 

As an economist with ten

years teaching experience

at our publicly-funded high

schools, I will work with all

voices of Agincourt to

ensure they are heard, and

their ideas are fully

represented at City Hall.


Economic Recovery

Sheppard East LRT

Bike Lanes 


Affordable Housing

Funding for Schools

Affordable Childcare

Climate Action

Funding for the Arts

Local Bakery

Ensuring the long-term economic health of the community.

A successful post-COVID economic recovery requires a community-first approach. I will ensure small businesses, individuals, and families have easy access to government subsidy and tax relief programs. I will also push to limit the number of new big box stores and retail franchises from setting up new businesses in the coming economic expansion, which will help small businesses to grow and thrive in a post-COVID economy.


Keep the community moving.

The revival of the previously-approved Sheppard East LRT line from Don Mills Road to Morningside Avenue is integral to keeping Scarborough moving, and will be a priority item on my agenda. I will also fight for additional bike lanes in Agincourt along Birchmount, Pharmacy, and McNicoll, which provides additional safety to cyclists, pedestrians, and motorists, while establishing alternative traffic routes along less commonly used thoroughfares.

Subway Train
People in Park

Fighting for programs that build the community.

I will be working to mend the relationship of the police and the community. As a part of the initiative, I will be working to increase accountability and trust. I will fight to redistribute 10% of the budget towards the funding of Parks, Forestry, Recreation, and various mental health institutions across the city.

Community Priorities

Repair and Expand Over-Crowded/Under-Funded Schools

As a certified teacher in our publicly-funded high schools, I have experienced first-hand the strains that our under-funded and over-crowded schools have had on our students and teachers. Our future leaders deserve learning environments that coincide with 21st century values and technology. Critical repairs in schools have gone ignored for far too long, and must be brought to the forefront in the city's budget. I will also work with our provincial partners to increase funding for school repairs. A stronger, better-funded education system leads to a stronger, more highly-skilled workforce, guaranteeing consistent economic growth for the city.

Kick-Off Community Climate Action Initiatives

Action can still be taken to reverse the effects of climate change. We must assist and offer financial incentives for businesses to reduce their carbon footprint. In addition, the introduction of community gardens will not only improve the use of our green spaces, but will also foster greater community cohesion, and provide better access to food and nutrition. A healthier community, and more green initiatives have the potential to foster job growth, as well as critical investment needed in Agincourt.

Ensure Affordable Childcare

All families should feel confident that their child is in a safe and happy place while away from their parents. Childcare should not feel like an additional mortgage. Families must be given greater access to affordable Childcare. This service must be expanded at the city level through the Parks, Forestry, and Recreation department. We must also incentivize private daycares to provide childcare services at lower rates. Safe, secure, and affordable Childcare is the key to to unlocking the full potential of the economy by allowing parents to rejoin the workforce, and increase the disposable income they have to spend in local businesses.

Bridletown Community Hub and Arts Programs

The moments spent at our local basketball courts, swimming pools, and skating rinks have been central to our formative years as children. Modern and accessible community centres are the core to developing healthy living and community relationships. Launching the Bridletown Community Hub is critical to the social cohesion and community health of Agincourt. By investing in this public space and funding the arts at the grassroots level, we would be able to inspire our youth and our community to engage in healthy extracurricular and community programs.

Temporary Shelters at the Delta Hotel

Situations such as COVID-19 put unexpected strains on our community, and often the most impacted are the most vulnerable members of our community. Temporary shelters for the homeless are an ineffective band-aid solution. We need to ensure that proper funding is secured by all levels of government to ensure that all individuals have access to affordable housing through grant and subsidy programs. Sublets managed by the city of Toronto would ensure that our most in need have access to affordable homes and social services. Shelters are not the safest way to protect our most vulnerable citizens, and reduces the sense of safety of community members.

Affordable Rent and Housing

The warmth and security of having a secure and comfortable home to live in is a basic human right. I will fight to ensure that all individuals and families have access to this most basic right. We must ensure that rent control is uniformly implemented, including on all new units. Fighting for a tax on foreign buyers, as well as implementing vacancy taxes on these units will ensure that affordable rental units and housing is more easily accessible for all Torontonians.

Jimmy always rises to the occasion. Through hard work and tireless effort, he always delivers on what he sets his mind to.

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