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About Jimmy

As the son of hard-working immigrants, who first settled in Agincourt, Jimmy has learned the value of hard work and responsibility. From a young age, he quickly understood the importance of dedication and commitment, while witnessing his father working long hours everyday to maintain his own small business for over 20 years.

Jimmy is an alumni of Agincourt schools, who took these values and applied them to his personal and academic achievements. He earned his Master of Arts in International Economics and Finance, which allows him to effectively apply relevant economic and social policies to address the community's most pressing issues. 

Furthermore, as an educator in Toronto’s publicly-funded schools for 10 years, Jimmy understands the importance of community work, social development, and leadership. His enthusiasm and devotion in and out of the classroom is a clear demonstration of his passion for community development and the personal growth of our future leaders.

Jimmy always rises to the occasion. Through hard work and tireless effort, he always delivers on what he sets his mind to.

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